Third wave all five dolls

The third wave of Moxie Teenz dolls.

The Moxie Teenz dolls had three waves of dolls. This page describes the release of the third and final wave of dolls.

Number of dollsEdit

Four girl dolls named Bijou, Melrose and Tristen with the introduction of Leigh and also a boy doll named Gavin were released in this wave.

Clothing for the girl dollsEdit

Each girl doll was dressed in a dress that could be formal or pinned up to be flirty.

  • Bijou - wears a pale pink dress
  • Melrose - wears a turquoise dress
  • Tristen - wears a plum (dark red) coloured dress
  • Leigh - wears a gold dress

Hair typeEdit

The dolls had rooted hair.

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