Pool outfit

The Moxie Teenz pool outfit

The retail cost of the pool or bathing costume outfit is unknown.

This outfit was named by the contributor due to the lack of a name being found on the pack.


The costume or bathing suit is a one piece.  The costume is made from two fabrics - the majority of the costume is made from a printed floral fabric with a red background with the bodice having a gold fabric.

Shirt coverEdit

The shirt cover or costume wrap is made from white fabric with a gold trim on the end and a frill extending the length of the shirt.  The shirt has long sleeves.


This pack has tan coloured high heeled sandals.


A faux straw bag with a red ribbon tied into a bow on the one side.


No jewelry is visible in the pack.


The doll featured on the front of the playset appears to be Melrose wearing a blonde wig and black outfit.