Melrose Third wave

Melrose showing the two styles of the dress from the third wave

is one of the four main Moxie Teenz (along with Bijou, Tristen, and Arizona).


Melrose loves shopping with her best girls. She hangs around mainly Tristen. Tristen is her best friend out of the girls. Melrose is friends with Bijou and Arizona (but mostly Tristen). Watch out because Melrose really stands up to others when she's debating!!

Basic InfoEdit

Melrose loves blueberry smoothies. Her lucky number is 20. Her favorite activity is dancing and shopping. Melrose is very healthy and has a passion for healthy words of wisdom. She has a sun kissed skin tone, blonde hair with light brown highlights and blue eyes.

Nickname: Sophisticated Strawberry

Lucky Number: 20

Fave Activity: Shopping with my best girls!

Fave Smoothie: Blueberry

Fave Music: Katy Perry

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