Arizona the Target is a Moxie Teenz episode featuring Bijou, Arizona, Melrose and Tristen.


Arizona thinks Bijou has betrayed her by silly name-calling. But later she finds out that Bijou didn't mean the things how she heard them.


Arizona finds tissue paper for the gang. Then Bijou starts calling Arizona "lukewarm weenie", "lame-o", "dirty hamper", and "old socks." Arizona misunderstood Bijou and got sad. Melrose and Tristen yell at Bijou, but she says she can't help it. Arizona cries and says to Sophisticated Strawberry (Melrose) and Merry Cherry (Tristen) "She's gonna be taught a lesson!" At the smoothie restaurant the next day, Bijou said hello to Arizona but Arizona just kept walking. Arizona sits with Sophina the Moxie Girl. She says, "Bijou is not my best friend anymore. So you can be my new best friend." As soon as Bijou sees Arizona hangin' with Sophina, she begins to feel bad about Arizona. That night, Bijou explains to Arizona that it was a misunderstanding. Then Arizona forgives her.