Arizona in packaging

Arizona - in the packaging

is a Moxie Teenz doll (along with Bijou, Tristen, Leigh and Melrose).

Basic InfoEdit

Arizona is a dancer with 'stars in her eyes'.  Arizona has blue coloured eyes.

Arizona can be goofy at times. She plays pranks sometimes but she always apologizes. Arizona is last chair violin in the orchestra and her bow isn't even on the string most of the time. She only practices once a month.


Arizona can be selfish and rude sometimes, but also goofy and funny. When they first meet in ninth grade, she bosses Bijou around. Arizona is studying Spanish in school, and there's this girl from Spain that she idolizes. But there is also Rita González, a tough Mexican girl, that she fears. She and Bijou sometimes get annoyed with each other, but they always make up.


Arizona is a Brazilian-American. She lied about being Egyptian.

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